10% More Sales Volume

70% or more of auto buyers look to internet first. So the question is, how should auto dealers react to this reality?

Drive Visitors to Your Website

The first thing 360VINspin thinks about is how to get new prospects to your site. We do everything in our power to help drive more leads to our dealer websites. We want your inventory listings to be in the top results when users search with Google and other search engines. Additionally, we provide tools and features to help you get more SEO coverage. Being a top result in more search results will yield more leads. We also offer tools to help you place ads to 3rd-party websites such as Craigslist and others. Sharing your online inventory to 3rd-party listing services and social media platforms is an important function to increase prospects.

Convert Visitors to Leads

Statistics show that 47% percent of people who view a website leave before viewing another page. We address this issue utilizing two distinct methodologies. First, we provide meaningful content. We focus on a "less is more" approach. Users tend to "bounce" or leave a site quickly if the site is confusing or has an overload of information. Secondly, while keeping the site simple, we drive viewer eyes to "calls to action." The viewer of your website means nothing unless they act. Some of our calls to action include: contact forms, schedule a test drive, financing application, and help me find a vehicle.

Convert Leads to Sales

We realize converting the maximum prospects to sales is crucial. Data suggests only 7-9% of dealer website visits result in a lead and only 10% of those leads result in closed sales. A key thing we address is the sales contact and follow up process utilizing our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature. We also realize that around 50% of sales people don't use CRM's even if they have access. What we have developed is a CRM that is easy to use, so sales people will actually utilize it. That makes business sense, so when used, it has real impact on sales conversion rates.

In conclusion, we feel that by using 360VINspin solutions, you can address and overcome known issues to improve your annual net sales and profits by 10% or more.

Intelligent Mobile

360VINspin delivers auto dealer solutions with mobile readiness in mind.

There are now more mobile devices in existence than people. More mobile users means you need a solution that can respond to how your customers are viewing your site. Few website solutions are truly sensitive to the customer’s needs in making your website easily accessible to prospective buyers who are on the go. Our product addresses this issue by providing you a quick-loading and organized mobile site. This ensures customers can easily use your website to its maximum potential on a smart phone or tablet, which makes a noticeable difference to your bottom line.

More Viewers >> More Leads >> More Sales

360VINspin also offers the dealer a mobile application to manage their back-office processes. By design, we deliver a mobile solution that allows you to manage your inventory easily, on the go, from anywhere at anytime. The future is mobile and we embrace it. We are always innovating and mobile is at the forefront of our design decisions.

Social Integration and Craigslist

360VINspin integrates with social media to keep your customers involved.

Social media platforms are here to stay. Having a solution that supports social media is extremely important. Survey results show that 89% of people trust what others say about a product or business. In turn, this fact greatly influences their decision. Are you monitoring your social presence? What are others saying about your dealership? Are you actively sharing your inventory and news to boost SEO? Are you posting support for local community events and sports teams? All of this helps drive customers to your website and boosts your search result rankings.

We provide the integration tools for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest. You and your clients can easily promote your dealership, your inventory, and specials and events in the right way to increase website traffic and sales.

Social media is about interaction, not push advertising. This is something that has been lost with too many social media dealer solutions. We provide the tools to help the dealer control what is pushed to their social media platform of choice. We also offer documented coaching techniques to make your social media tools have maximum impact.

Craigslist is a pain to work with. We understand that and we help you post with premade templates and image upload helpers while abiding with their terms of use. Post and track Craiglist ads from your 360VINlist software, track the results of the ads, and renew your posts. We also offer inside advice on how to avoid common pitfalls with Craigslist posting.

Ease of Use

360VINspin is easy to use.

Our primary objective is to take the complexity out of auto dealership management and marketing. Our user interface design is simple and we streamline common business processes to reduce user intervention.

With our cloud based software solutions, your dealership doesn't have to deal with hosting. All solutions are hosted by us on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform. Enjoy continuous updates, secure data, and reliable services either on your desktop or on mobile devices.

Learn more about our solutions, our team, or our technology, or you can contact us today!