360 Exporter

360 Exporter sends your inventory to hundreds of inventory marketing websites, like CarGurus, Vast, Backpage, Oodle, AutoTrader, and more.

As an auto dealer, you have to be more aggressive than ever in marketing your inventory. It's a fact that 90% of buyers first look on the Internet and will drive over 100 miles to purchase a vehicle. Additionally, buyers only visit an average of 1.5 dealerships today versus several years ago when the average was more than 5.

Most auto software vendors focus primarily on local SEO (search engine optimization). While local SEO is important, buying patterns have clearly changed. 360VINspin has a solution!

Our 360 Exporter solution allows you to conveniently and automatically publish inventory to hundreds of sites, both free and paid. Examples of these sites include CarGurus, Vast, Backpage, Oodle, and AutoTrader. When a lead is generated from one of these sites, it is sent directly to you using our innovative "Push Technology."

If you have our CRM and ILM implemented, 360 Exporter is automatically included. However, we recognize many companies would rather continue to use their existing solutions. Because of this, we allow you to use 360 Exporter exclusively.

With 360 Exporter, we get inventory and pictures from your existing inventory provider and deliver leads using our "Push Technology." Depending on the CRM you are using, we can optionally push the leads to your existing solution.

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