The 360° Business View

Increased Sales Volume • Improved Branding • Improved Efficiency

We focus on assisting auto dealers in three ways: sales volume, efficiency, and branding.
  • Increased Sales Volume

    We recognize your auto dealership needs to capture your share of the over 70% of the buying public who looks to the internet first. Our web and mobile marketing solutions aim to increase your sales by 10% or more.

  • Improved Branding

    According to Forbes in 2012, strong brands out-performed weak brands by 20%. Our auto dealer websites, search engine optimization, and social media integration are focused on strengthening your brand value.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Time is money. 360VINspin takes the view that efficient workflow processes and ease of use are crucial for any auto dealership solution. You can increase overall efficiency by over 25% by utilizing our mobile and desktop management solutions.

Inventory Management

Use our cutting-edge technology to enter inventory via a mobile device directly from the vehicle VIN barcode or via our desktop browser website.

  • VIN decoding allows quick and easy auto-fill entry
  • Manage inventory via desktop or mobile
  • Scan VIN barcodes with a mobile device
Inventory Management with VIN decoding and a mobile app

Customer Relationship Management

Our customer relationship management software allows you to be "customer wise" and take the appropriate sales and marketing actions to both maximize sales on current inventory and meet future customer needs.

  • Track interaction with your customers
  • Store customer leads and opportunities
Customer Relationship Management with contacts, leads, and opportunities.

Modern Web Presence

We designed your website presence to showcase your dealership and create value through "calls to action" to attract new customer contacts.

  • Simple website management
  • Clean, professional website templates
  • Many calls to action to allow customers to contact you

Mobile Websites

We offer responsive websites that are viewable on any mobile device's browser.

  • Websites can be accessed from any mobile browser
  • Clean, professional mobile website template
  • Designed for mobile devices, for ease of use
Mobile websites for car and auto dealers, for tablets, phones, and other mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

70% or more of car buyers now search the internet first when looking for a car, so our goal is for your dealership to be a top search result. We regularly review the methods necessary to maintain high Google and other search engine rankings.

  • Specify different titles, descriptions, and keywords for your pages
  • Structured product data, so search engines can easily scan your vehicle details
  • Use our tools to create organic content to increase your site's search rankings
SEO will help your car dealership website rank in the top result pages with search engines.

Digital Paperwork

Save time by generating marketing and sales paperwork.

  • Buyers Guides, Window Stickers, Window Hangers
  • Fully integrated Credit Application
  • Bill of Sale
  • Customizable Inventory Sheets
Digital Paperwork helps you save time by generating marketing and sales documents.

360 Exporter

We automatically send your inventory listings to 3rd-party classified sites.

  • Export to hundreds of classified websites daily
  • Configure what exports you want to enable or disable
  • Generate more leads
  •
Generate more leads by exporting your inventory listings to 3rd-party classified sites.

Inventory Listing Pages

Showcase your vehicles to highlight the most eye catching images and features. Easy, one-click buttons provide calls to action and printable brochures for each car in your inventory.

  • Clean and ordered layout for maximum readability
  • Featured vehicles are labeled
  • View photos of each vehicle while browsing all inventory
  • Calls to action in each listing
Car inventory list displays your vehicles in an appealing way to attract more customers and sales.

Online Classified Ads

At the time of inventory entry, easily post ads to a variety of sources, like Craigslist, while utilizing our ad creation templates.

  • Save time by entering the vehicle description once and have the option to include it in each of your ads
  • Professional level ad copy creation to further improve your brand
  • Use our Craigslist-approved ad templates
Post classified ads of your cars, vehicles, trucks, and SUVs on Craigslist and other sources, while using our design templates.

Social Media

Connect your inventory to social networks.

  • Allow visitors to share your inventory and site with others
  • Generate leads from social networking
  • Display your inventory on your Facebook page
Connect your inventory to social networks

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