(Company News)October 21st, 2013 - OZARK, Mo. -- (Ozark, Missouri)

360VINspin has announced the launch of its cloud-based technology solutions targeted toward increasing the profitability of auto dealerships.

360VINspin is offering auto dealers with professional websites and innovative internet marketing and business management tools. The software is available as a service and is accessible from desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. 360VINspin aims to combine cutting-edge technology, efficient workflow, and ease of use to deliver an unparalleled dealership solution.

Combining over 40 years in the technology and auto dealer business segments, 360VINspin is positioning itself as the leading vendor for auto dealership marketing and management solutions.

About 360VINspin, LLC
360VINspin is a 2013 startup company that leverages cloud computing, SaaS, and mobile technologies to deliver an innovative dealership management and marketing solution. Auto dealer websites, CRM, ILM, desking, and inventory management are some of the features included in its service offerings. 360VINspin is a Microsoft BizSpark Plus partner and hosts its services on the Windows Azure cloud platform.

To learn more about 360VINspin auto dealer solutions, please contact:

Bryan Harding, Media Relations
360VINspin, LLC
1515 W. Diane, Suite B, Ozark, MO 65721
Phone: (877) 458-6224
Fax: (417) 612-7040

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