(Company News)February 2017 - OZARK, Mo. -- (Ozark, Missouri)

We are excited to announce a new state-of-the-art, responsive website builder and a new Task & Reminder feature for all 360VINspin customers.

Responsive Websites

All major search engines, like Google, now recommend that your website be responsive (i.e. the same underlying code for both desktop and mobile versions of your website). All 360VINspin sites are now fully responsive and will receive the ranking boost that goes with having a responsive website!

New Website Editor

An all new responsive website editor is now available for all 360VINspin websites! This editor allows you to specify how you want widgets on your website to look on both mobile and desktop devices, without writing any HTML code. Advanced features are available as well, so your website can look just how you want it.

Tasks and Reminders

We have improved the 360VINspin CRM feature with Tasks and Reminders. You can now create Tasks and associate them with vehicles, leads, or other items in your account. In addition, you can create Reminders to help you track and remember the important to-dos for your dealership.

Take Advantage of the 360VINspin CRM

The benefits of using a CRM are many. Our CRM contains all the necessary features to organize and analyze data about your leads and customers, so we encourage all our dealers to use it to its fullest potential!

Your business is very important to us. We are excited to have you as a customer and to be able to provide this level of innovation. Our technology and development processes deliver high quality solutions and support rapid development. We welcome your feedback and comments in order to continue to improve our overall solution and your success.

Contact us for more information on these features or to learn more about using our CRM.

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